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Terms and Conditions

The following rules are an integral part of the lease you signed. Any person (tenant, visitor or guest) located in residential buildings, whether in the studio or in communal areas, must respect them. The use of the masculine gender is used only to lighten the text and is not discriminatory.


1.1 Each tenant of the apartments has the right to enjoy the leased premises and must adapt his behavior to respect the common good and uphold the regulations. The administrative offices of Cjour Apartments are located at 2290 Ontario East (RC) and are open from 8:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday; during the weekend, the service hours are from 13:00 to 16:00. Our offices are closed on public holidays.


2.1 The tenant is required to complete and sign a rental application form and attach two photocopies of two pieces of photo identification. This form must then be submitted to the administrator of Cjour Apartments for review.

2.2 Any payment made by a tenant in the form of a check where cashing is refused because of insufficient funds or any other reason, must be made again in cash, within five (5) days of the notice date provided to the subject by the Cjour administrator. The subject will have to pay an extra administrative fee of twenty-five ($ 25) dollars for each denied cheque. No bank transfer is accepted.


3.1 The tenant is obliged to inform the Cjour administration of any damage or malfunction in the apartment, furniture, household effects, or public areas made available by the administration (art. 1866, Civil Code of Québec). By the time he takes possession of the premises, he must electronically complete and return the "Repair Request" form that will be sent by email as of his arrival, in order to report any anomalies in the apartment.

3.2 The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by his fault to the leased premises, the common areas, furniture, and household effects, and therein, to any other property of Cjour or of other tenants. Any repair of such damage will be reimbursed by the tenant responsible to the Cjour administration or the tenant who has suffered damages. Moreover, any deliberate act to cause such damage, in addition to the effects mentioned above, will immediately result in a request to the Rental Board for the cancellation of the lease of the signer and his eviction from the rented apartment. Throwing objects, including paper, from the residences onto the ground of the building, is considered such an act.

3.3 The administration and the property owner are not responsible for the loss, theft or destruction of the assets contributed, deposited, or left in the apartment, a common area or public space of the apartments by tenants or any other person.

3.4 The tenant is required to obtain and maintain, for the duration of his occupation, a personal insurance against property damage and civil liability. The insurance deductible amounts are charged to the tenant.

3.5 It is forbidden to try to settle any clogged sink problem on one’s own, using a drainage product (eg. Drano). It is also illegal to use an extermination product (eg. Raid) if the tenant finds the presence of undesirable insects. The use of the latter would result in scaring away insects to other studios, increasing the risk of a return. The tenant must immediately notify the Housing Services of Cjour of any such problems, to which they will promptly act.

3.6 The tenant must make good use of the apartment, furniture and household goods made available by the administration of Cjour, both in his apartment and in public areas. The lessee may not remove or alter (including holes) the furniture and accessories from their apartment and common areas without the permission of the administration of Cjour. Upon his departure, the tenant is responsible to return the furniture of his apartment in the same arrangement as when he arrived.

3.7 The tenant must return the apartment in the condition it was received, except for normal wear (art. 1890 C.C.Q). It is forbidden to cover, paint or puncture the surfaces and walls of the flat.

3.8 Cleaning fees will be due by the tenant if he leaves the apartment in an unacceptable state of cleanliness by the time he leaves the premises.

3.9 Corridors, service stairs, and exterior window sills must be clear at all times. No storage of objects is authorized, pursuant to the regulations of the Fire Department. Items left by the tenant in an unauthorized place will be removed after two (2) warnings. If these objects are not recovered by the tenant, the Housing Services of Cjour will dispose of them. Under the same regulations, the fire exit doors must remain closed at all times, and the door stopper installed on the exit stair doors must always remain functional.

3.10 It is recommended to use the apartment’s microwave ovens and not to connect heating plates or rotisseries.

3.11 Only the refrigerator included in the apartment is allowed due to electrical surcharges.

3.12 A tenant may request the assistance of the Cjour administration to open the door of his apartment. However, upon second intervention, a twenty dollar ($ 20) cost will be charged.

3.13 A fee of one hundred and forty-five dollars ($ 145) for a key cylinder change will be claimed from any tenant having lost or not delivered the two (2) keys and the magnetic card of the elevator.


4.1 The tenant may terminate the lease without penalty provided they complete the appropriate form for this purpose, at least 60 days before the scheduled date of departure. In the absence of such notice, the tenant will pay for each day the notice is missing, a calculated compensation in proportion to the monthly rent payable, with the exception of December and April which are payable in full. A notice form is available to tenants at the administrative office of Cjour.

4.2 If the tenant has applied for a rental request, but has not yet occupied the leased premises, the tenant will not have any rent to pay.

4.3 The tenant must agree on the time of his departure by giving the administration a minimum of one (1) month.

4.4 The Cjour administration reserves the right to claim damages /interest if, as provided in the previous cases of Articles 4.3 and 4.4, the tenant continues to occupy the premises without the right of law.

4.5 In all cases, when a lease expires, the lessee shall pay rent until the lease end date and, where applicable, the charges due for the use of services and the restoration of the state of the premises; and take away all his personal belongings. If he fails to do so, the Cjour administration, pursuant to Article 1978 of C.C.Q. will dispose of the property after 60 days, under the provisions of Article 945 of the C.C.Q.


The administration of the Cjour apartments reserves the right to modify these rules at the renewal of the lease.


1.1 The cost of Internet service is included in the rental price. With the signing of the lease, the tenant agrees to respect the use of the Internet protocol. Visit "", under the Terms of Use to view. These terms are part of the regulations and of the lease.

1.2 A telephone service may be requested by the tenant to an external provider.

1.3 The tenant must test, on arrival and for regular functioning of, the smoke alarm in his studio, by pressing the TEST button for a few seconds to hear the signal sound.

1.4 Mail is delivered daily in postal boxes. Any letter or parcel received by a courier service will be delivered to the recipient's apartment. The Cjour administration assumes no responsibility for any error, loss or theft of mail, parcels or any other damages related to mail.

1.5 Tenants can access a storage site on request from Monday to Friday from 16:30 to 22:00. However, the landlord is not liable for loss and/or theft. A maximum of three (3) boxes per resident is allowed. The storage period may not exceed the end of the lease. Should the storage period expire, the landlord reserves the right to dispose of a tenant's property after 60 days (see section 4.6 B).

1.6 The tenant cannot keep his bike in his apartment.


2.1 Tenants must take note of the notices and information that the Cjour administration displays on the boards provided for this purpose at the entrance of the building or sent to them by email (if provided).

2.2 Any display should be done with a sticky label (preferably white).


3.1 The tenant who triggers a fire alarm or uses the extinguishers for uses other than an emergency will be liable for damages and inconveniences he may have been able to cause. In addition, a request will be sent to the Rental Board to terminate the lease and evict the tenant.

3.2 A lease termination and eviction request will be sent on the spot to the Rental Board against any tenant found in possession of explosives, fireworks, or any type of weapon, whatever it may be.


4.1 Pets are not allowed in the Cjour apartments. The tenant cannot keep any animals, even temporarily, in his apartment or in the common areas.

4.2 The tenant is obliged to respect the order and peace of other tenants at all times, avoiding noise or behavior that could harm or disrupt the welfare of other tenants, visitors and employees therein.

4.3 More specifically, no noise should disturb the occupants of Cjour apartments after 23:00. Moreover, when a tenant organizes a social activity (party), this activity can take place only on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, and, until 23:00 at the latest.

4.4 A room will be available for the exclusive use of tenants who wish to hold events. It is suggested to book in advance and in person at the Cjour administration office and to learn about the regulations governing the use of this room.

4.5 It is forbidden to smoke inside the common areas of Cjour apartments, in accordance with the laws in force in Quebec. Effective 1 September 2016, it will also be forbidden to smoke inside the apartments. The Cjour apartments comply with the Law on Tobacco. All our apartments are non-smoking.

4.6 The possession and use of drugs is prohibited in any place.

4.7 The apartments or common areas can in no case serve as a trade space (retail service). In addition, any commercial solicitation and of any other nature (eg. Door to door, kiosk, etc.), generating or not generating a profit is not allowed.

4.8 The decorations in the floor-level lounges related to celebrations of Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween can be installed two (2) weeks before the date of the celebration and removed within one week after the festivity. Christmas decorations can be installed by mid-November and removed in the 2nd week of January. All decorations affixed to a surface must be made while protecting the finish (eg. use of the white, sticky gum).


5.1 The breach by a tenant of the Civil Code of Québec, of all other law, the lease, or the present rules, will have the following consequences:

5.1.1 Sending a written notice of the alleged facts and legal or contractual provisions violated;

5.1.2 Requesting the Rental Board to sanction this contravention and order the appropriate termination of the lease and eviction.


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